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  • What are the materials you can work with?
    We can engrave and cut a variety of materials and we are always testing to see what can be added to the list! We can cut wood, acrylic, cardboard, paper and foam. Engraving is more of an art for each material but we can mark / engrave on most all materials. Just to name a few of the materials we have already marked or engraved on, we have had success with porcelain, painted metal, stone, wood, rubber, glass and acrylic. Please inquire if you have a question about a certain material you would like to add that personal touch to and we will see what can be done!
  • What file types are acceptable for engraving or cutting?
    Typically we would like to have a SVG file if possible. PNG and PDF are the next best file type with JPEG to follow. If it is a photo you would like to engrave, we suggest the file with the highest dpi possible. Normally 300 dpi is acceptable. Please reach out if you have a question about what file types can be used for your project.
  • If I give you a logo can you engrave or cut it out?
    This all depends on how intricate the logo is and how it is designed. There are limitations to certain logos as to what can be done. It's best to send the logo or design via email so we can assess what is possible. If the logo you're sending in is a trademarked or licensed we will not be able to work with that design unless we have permission. We are inquiring about getting permission for high school logos at this time. So, if you would like your high school logo added we must get permission from a Superintendent or Athletic Director first.
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