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Medium porcelain charcuterie board (2 handle)

Medium porcelain charcuterie board (2 handle)

SKU: 364215376135192

This medium sized porcelain charcuterie board displays all the beauty of the marble charcuterie boards with the added benefit of not staining or showing scratches like your average marble board. This nonporous, sintered stone charcuterie board features a two handled design for easier carrying. The medium board gives is just the right size to display on the counter or on the center of the dining table as a decor arrangement or as a hot plate for those 9x13 casserole dishes that come piping hot, fresh out of the oven! They can also be custom engraved or marked to include a monogram, logo or custom artwork that you provide in a vector file type. This also makes them great for house warming parties, wedding gifts, table center pieces, etc.


    Measures 10"x 20" and weighs approximately 7.5lbs. Made from the same material porcelain countertops are made from. Can be wiped clean with soap and water.

    Vein pattern varies from board to board which makes every board unique but cannot gaurantee a certain pattern for every board.


    Unfortunately items cannot be returned once they have been marked or engraved with your personal design. All sales are final once a proof has been approved

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